International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products

International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products (ISSN: 1940-6223) is a biannual open access, peer reviewed journal that provides an avenue to publish applied research in natural products that can result in development of new biotechnological, processing or therapeutic strategies that can lead to or assist in the prevention and management of chronic and infectious disease. The journal and its publishers are based in the USA. Special emphasis is given to research that discusses industrial relevance and offers industry and academia strategies to develop safe and effective products such as functional foods, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals etc. Papers discussing the screening of natural products for biological activity against different health targets are also encouraged.

The Journal is continuing to accept manuscripts in all fields of natural product research. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting original research and or reviews in this field. Submitted papers must be in technical English, suitable for scientific publication. All articles have to be original articles that have not been published elsewhere or are being considered for publication in other journals. All articles submitted are peer reviewed and to expedite the process, all authors must submit a minimum of 2 external reviewers who they think can review the manuscript. Receipt of the manuscript will be acknowledged by email. Every effort will be made to complete the review process with in 6-8 weeks. Papers should be submitted electronically by visiting the journal website.

All New Submissions to International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products will be charged the following Author Fees