Spermatogenic activity of rhizomes of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn in male rats

N S Chauhan, V K Dixit


ethanolic extract of rhizomes was evaluated for its effect on orientation behavior and spermatogenesis in albino rats. A change in orientation behavior was assessed by orientation towards female, towards environment, towards self and type of mobility. Administration of 100 mg/Kg b. w. of ethanolic extract had pronounced effect on orientation of male towards the female rats. Males treated with the extract displayed more frequent and vigorous anogenital sniffing and mounting as compared to untreated animals. The increased spermatogenesis in treated group was confirmed by change in histoarchitecture as evidenced by increase in number of spermatocyte and spermatids. These findings support the folk use of this plant as aphrodisiac.


Industrial relevance: Study proposes to elucidate and demarcate the potential of Rasayan herbs in the treatment as well as uprooting the causes of disease; which is the underlying principle of Rasayana therapy. This leads to discovery of newer phytoconstituents with better activities and provide source of new biomolecules for biotechnologists to work on. The study explore the utilization of Rasyana herbs for effective management of sexual dysfunction.  It brings out a competent literature on rasayana, validating their utilization. It gives a larger platform for the herbal cultivators by providing scientific support and data to the traditional unvalidated herbal drugs as rejuvenative tonics.


Aphrodisiac; Curculigo orchioides; Rasayana drugs; Spermatogenesis

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