Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Methanolic Extract of Solanum nigrum Linn Berries

V Ravi, TS M Saleem, S S Patel, J Raamamurthy, K Gauthaman


Summary: The present study investigates the anti-inflammatory activity of methanolic extract of berries of Solanum nigrum Linn. The medicinal values of the berries of Solanum nigrum (Black night shades) have been mentioned in ancient literature as useful in disorders of inflammation. Dried pulverized berries of Solanum nigrum were extracted with methanol by using soxhlet apparatus. The effect of methanolic extracts of berries of Solanum nigrum were studied on carrageenan induced paw edema. The methanolic extract decreased the edema induced in hind paw. The methanolic extract of Solanum nigrum (375 mg/kg b.w.) has showed significant anti-inflammatory. It has been concluded that methanolic extract of berries of Solanum nigrum Linn (375 mg/kg b.w.) augments that it is having good anti-inflammatory activity against carrageenan induced paw edema.

Industrial relevance: The herbal medicines are getting more importance in the treatment of inflammation because of the toxic effect of the current therapy used to treat those inflammation using synthetic drugs. Herbal medicine are less toxic and less costly when compared to the synthetic drugs. The present study will help the industry to produce herbal drug with less side effect, less costly affordable and more effective in the treatment of inflammation. Finally the phytochemical screening or elucidation of the bioactive compounds from the plant would be effective drug against inflammation.


Solanum nigrum; anti-inflammatory activity; carrageenan; digital paw edema meter

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