Lipid lowering effects of Piper sarmentosum Extract in Ovariectomy-induced Obese Rats

Aida Azlina Ali, Farihah Hj Suhaimi, Qodriyah Hj Mohd Saad, Nur Azlina Mohd Fahami


Summary. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of Piper sarmentosum (PS) water extract on plasma lipid profile in ovariectomized-induced obese rats. Forty-two female Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into six groups; four treatments (sham, control, PS and glycyrrhizic acid (GCA)) and two basal (control and sham). All groups underwent ovariectomy excluding sham groups which underwent sham operation and left for 1 month. Basal groups were sacrificed on day 0, while ovariectomized groups were given PS extract (0.125g/kg), GCA (0.120g/kg) and water respectively, while sham received only water.  Lipid profile was measured at 0, 3 and 5 months of treatment. Liver tissues were taken for bioactivity of HMG-CoA reductase enzyme analysis. Our results showed that all the ovariectomized groups had a significant improvement (p<0.05) in the lipid profile compared to the sham group after 3 and 5 months of treatment respectively. However, in the GCA treated group the HDL-c increment and LDL-c reduction was lesser (p<0.05) compared to the PS treated group. The HMG-CoA reductase enzyme activityin both PS and GCA treated groups showed a significant reduction (p<0.05). In conclusion, Piper sarmentosum water extract is suggested as a possible alternative therapy for hyperlipidemia based on the positive effects on lipid profile.

Industrial relevance. Piper sarmentosum is used as herbal medicine for several illnesses in Malay traditional society. The current study have shown its potential properties in lowering plasma lipid profile using in vivo approaches and may considered for human use after further studies.

Keywords: Piper sarmentosum; GCA; ovariectomized; lipid profile; HMG-CoA reductase.


Piper sarmentosum; GCA; ovariectomized; lipid profile; HMG-CoA reductase

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